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Auto Image Centre takes pride in offering a range of professional services for your vehicle.

You can count on Auto Image Centre to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is the ultimate option when it comes to protection and privacy for your vehicle. We use industry leading American Standard Window Film™ products at Auto Image Centre. 

Our film incorporates a nano-particle coating, assisting in optical clarity while building a layer of protection against heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet and infra-red rays.


The solar control and colour stability alongside an aesthetically pleasing finish places our product and application a cut above other infra-red blocking films.


Every window tint leaves our workshop with a lifetime factory backed warranty.

Professional Car Detailing


Auto Image Centre offer a range of professional detailing services. Using a range of quality and proven products and techniques, our detailing services assist in the protection and longevity of paint, glass, interior and exterior and will have your vehicle looking as good as new again. 


You can choose from:
- Full detail
- Outside Detail
- Inside Detail
- Mini Detail (where suitable)


The 'Full Detail' is by far the most popular choice & consists of:

- Door jambs, rubbers, professional vacuum, shampoo + extraction to seats, carpets, door trims and roof linings.

- Air & product clean to dash/console areas, air vents & seat runners.
- Sanitise & deodorise interior.
- Detailers wash, degrease & treat water stains on paintwork, glass & wheels.
- Buff exterior & finishing polish.
- Wheels, tyres, trim & clean windows.

**Perfect for preparing your car for sale, a wedding or to start fresh with a used  vehicle.

Ceramic Coat/
Paint Protection


Protect your new vehicle with a Ceramic Coat Paint Protection.


- Protect against the harsh Australian elements, with an extra protective clear seal over your vehicle. 

- Keep that new car gloss/showroom finish & enhance re-sale value.
Enjoy a Nationwide Lifetime warranty against damage caused by:

- Bird and bat droppings

- Tree Sap

- Fading

- Environmental/Industrial fall out

We also stock the very popular Premium Paint Gard - Paint Protection.
Containing fluoropolymers and a special blend of waxes, bonding to the vehicle's painted surfaces - giving you a lasting, durable protection. Never polish again with our Paint Protection options! 


See the difference & feel the difference but best of all, your new car will be so much easier to look after. 

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